Exhibition V
Ludic Peonies
 Renata Janiszewska

All artworks are subject to the copyright © of Renata Janiszewska. The use of the artworks from this exhibition is prohibited without the prior written permission of Renata Janiszewska.

Renata Janiszewska paints on electronic canvas. In her transdisciplinary practise she animates her still works, for which she creates her own soundtracks. Currently she incorporates themes of chance, techspressionism, bio-degradation, intoxication, feminism, and shamanism in her works. She lives in Lion’s Head, Canada.

Artist Statement:
'"As a new media artist, I show how the organic human universe, art history, and the machine realm of technology merge to create a new form. My work is made with a hybrid blend of analog and digital materials and tools. It is remarkable that 'techne' originally meant 'art'. How did those two concepts become opposite halves of a binary pair? My images are a symbiosis between the fertile world and the teeming digital environment we have invented. There is a beating heart of beauty in my work which is voluptuous and sensual and transcends its linear qualities. I use colour extravagantly and with an intended shimmer. All accompanying music is my own."

À l'observatoire
Renata Janiszewska, 2023


Marlinka in the Coldroom
Renata Janiszewska, 2023


La Castafiore
Renata Janiszewska, 2023


Ludic Shades of Marble
Renata Janiszewska, 2023



Red Cabbage, Yellow Bowl
Renata Janiszewska, 2023


Scurrilous Planting
Renata Janiszewska, 2023


Celestial Armour
Renata Janiszewska, 2021



Renata Janiszewska, 2021


Renata Janiszewska, 2022


From Les Gâteaux Fantaisies 🍰
Renata Janiszewska, 2023


Visages Tendres
Renata Janiszewska, 2023




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all rights reserved